Sustainability and Environment

Today’s environmental concerns mean demolition projects should be managed with the aim of recycling as much of the building material as possible. Southern Demolition is committed to reducing waste by recycling and, re-purposing materials wherever possible. We have worked on many Green Star projects across New Zealand, achieving impressive recycling rates of 90% or more for demolition waste materials. 

Southern Demolition has a commitment to preserving the environment and has invested in significant amounts of equipment that is designed to reduce the amount of waste that reaches the landfill. Our careful recycling makes many varieties of rare native and exotic timber available for the ever-expanding restoration market.

  • Soft Strip Demolition

Removes linings and fixings to leave a concrete shell. Materials can be sorted easier and carefully removed for re-purposing. Items can be saved for heritage.

  • Concrete Crusher

We can crush concrete materials onsite, and this can be used for future building projects by the client, or others.

  • Polystyrene and Scrap Metal Recycling

We can organise, sort, and recycle steel, and polystyrene.

  • Hazardous Waste

Handled with extreme care by professional Asbestos Removalists and disposed of as per NZ Legislation.

  • Native Timbers

These are removed with care and brought back to our salvage yard for on sale.

By soft stripping, crushing concrete, shredding steel, and sorting the waste materials onsite, we can ensure bulk loads are not being contaminated with other materials, our trucks can hold more steel and concrete, assisting to reduce emissions.

pie chart of salvaged materials