Salvage Yard

Today’s environmental concerns mean demolition projects should be managed with the aim of recycling as much of the building material as possible. Southern Demolition is committed to reducing waste by recycling and, re-purposing materials wherever possible.

Southern Demolition has a commitment to preserving the environment and has invested in significant amounts of equipment that is designed to reduce the amount of waste that reaches the landfill.

Our salvage yard is open by appointment only. Please call Chris to arrange materials, or book a visit.

For crushed concrete please contact our office.

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Contact Chris for native timber enquiries

Flooring Timbers

Range of recycled native timbers.
Stripped and machined, ready for laying.

Weather Boards

Our most popular range of recycled timbers. Often used for wall panels and ceilings. Stripped and machined, ready for installation.
Contact Chris for more information

Rustic Wall Panelling

Recycled timbers with character. Perfect for wall panels. Stripped and machined, ready for installation.

Small Joinery Misc.

Small miscellaneous range of recycled joinery products.
Dependant on availability. Discuss the range with Chris.

Crushed Concrete

Crushed recycled concrete, minimum 10ton.
Collection / delivery by appointment only.

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