Southern Demolition understands that infrastructure is the backbone of society. We are committed to ensuring demolition or deconstruction of infrastructure projects are completed within a timely manner, and their demolition does not impact the environment surrounding them. We understand that during these projects’ communication is essential to ensure a successful project outcome.

Southern Demolition has an extensive fleet of purpose-built demolition machinery. Our equipment ranges from 12 to 105 tonne excavators, including 3 high-reach excavators, a full concrete crushing plant, and dust suppression equipment.

We can often crush concrete onsite for you to use for future projects.

Southern Demolition has a commitment to preserving the environment and has invested in significant amounts of equipment that is designed to reduce the amount of waste that reaches the landfill. Our aim of re-directing at least 50% of a projects waste to recycling, or re-purposing is often exceeded, and many projects have a 90% reduce / recycle rate. The other 10% is often contaminated waste such as asbestos containing material (ACM).

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