Talley's, Fairton

2022 – Current

Talley’s, Fairton was purchased in late 2020 from Silver Fern Farms. Spread over a 33-hectare site. The demolition was engaged in 2022 and has to date involved the demolition of:

  • Central Chillers
  • Lakeside Chillers
  • Chiller Buildings and Pelt Store
  • Bridge Removal
  • Sticking Pens
  • Decommissioning and removal of boiler

The biggest challenge on this project had been the quantity of polystrene within the building structures. A whopping 22,000 tonnes of polystrene has been removed and recycled to date.

As the client is currently upgrading their facilities, Southern Demolition offered to crush the concrete from demolished buildings on site, so they can recycle it in their future projects.

This project is due to continue into 2024.