Talley's, Fairton

2022 – Current

 airton freezing works is a 25000m2 demolition project with buildings ranging from 1-6 levels as well as boiler houses and chimney stacks. Southern Demolition and Salvage Ltd have been engaged by Talley’s Ltd to demolish the buildings to slab level for redevelopment. As part of contract, we are to undertake Asbestos removal from all buildings which started in May 2022 and will be completed May 2024.

Demolition of all Structures to slab level and crushing concrete on site for reuse. Demolition commenced in August 2022.

Key requirements of the project were allowing Talley’s to maintain normal operations outside of our site by mitigating the following issues:
• Dust was a key issue that needed to be addressed as it would interfere with cool store operations, our extensive dust suppression systems were utilised to ensure dust was always controlled.
• Consent conditions for Heritage had to be maintained and regular archaeological inspections programmed.
• Environmental controls around waterways have to be maintained to ensure polystyrene from the refurbished freezing units did not enter the water way.
• Significant amount of poly panel was removed and disposed of throughout the course of the project, our saturation and removal techniques were paramount to preventing it breaking apart and for the duration of the project.

This project is due to continue into 2024.