Silo Collapse, Champion Flour Mill

January 2024

Sunday 7th January, a grain silo at Champion Flour Mill unexpectedly collapsed, spilling 500 tonnes of grain onto the ground and into the neighbouring car yard, damaging vehicles.

Quick remediation was required so businesses could continue operating. After initial assessments completed by Champion Flour Mill, Silo Specialists, and WorkSafe NZ, approval was given to remove a hanging ladder and platform from the overhead walkway using cranes and a mancage, clear the grain, and remove the remaining silo structure.

With assistance from Titan Cranes, the hanging ladder and platform were quickly removed. The team used a loader and excavator to clear the grain into trucks.  The remaining structure could then be removed and carted to Southern Demolition’s yard for holding and inspection by silo specialists to determine why it failed. 

The urgent attention given to this project meant the team achieved Champion Flour Mill’s Business Continuity Plan timeframes to get production started again.