Burns Building, Lincoln University

2023 Current Project

When you enter Lincoln, Christchurch you see this iconic building, The Burns Building at Lincoln University.

Opened by the Minister of Education in 1976, the Burns Building was named in honor of Sir Malcolm Burns, Principal of Canterbury Agricultural College 1952 – 1974 and a former Senior Lecturer in Soil Science 1937 – 1948.

Designed by architectural firm, Trengrove, Trengrove and Marshall. The style matched the Hilgendorf Building (opened 1968 – demolished 2015 after damaged in Chch Earthquake)

“name was appropriate, the monument matched the man: it was large and commanded attention from all angles of vision.” – Dr Ian Blair, ‘The Seed They Sowed’

 Asbestos and soft strip demolition completed March 2024. Hard demolition started April 2024.